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A stroopwafel is is a wafer made from two thin layers of baked dough with a caramel syrup filling in the middle. Stroopwafels are popular in the Netherlands, and were first made in the Dutch city of Gouda. Nowadays the waffles are eaten worldwide. Originally the waffles had a diameter of about 10 cm, but they are now available in sizes varying between 5 and 25 centimeters. 

Are you a Stroopwafel fan ?
So are we. Crazy about our famous Dutch Stroopwafels.
Try our new Orange stroopwafel with…….. you guesssed it ….Orange inside
The taste ……… yammy……… The smell ……….. Oh my …. ; )
Who can resist a freshly baked stroopwafel. Right?
The Orange stroopwafel is the best you can get in stroopwafels.

Available in 12 cm diameter (80 grams) Other sizes are upon request.
Only natural flavours
Baked with real butter
Every stroopwafel is handmade

For every stroopwafel sold we support our local foodbank with 10% of our profit.
Buy 1 or 10.0000 we are a flexible company.

If you ever been in The Netherlands, like in Amsterdam,
you know, you cant miss it. The delicious smell of the stroopwafel stands, you can notice from far.

from the Netherlands: https://www.pannenkoekenwinkel.nl/c-3848738/stroopwafels/

For European customers: https://www.pannenkoekenwinkel.nl/en_GB/c-3848738/stroopwafels/

Outside Europe: N/A

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send us a email to: info@vandeMeester.com

Visit our www.stroopwafelacademy.com
to learn how to make stroopwafels as a professional.

This is a vandeMeester.com company.


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1 single packed Orange stroopwafel

Stroopwafel with a Orange twist
ridiculously tasty.

Dirk Okhuijsen

Dirk Okhuijsen


Stroopwafel entrepreneur
also owner of
and the
www.stroopwafelacademy in the Netherlands.



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Ad - Amsterdam, The Netherlands

Ad - Amsterdam, The Netherlands

Business Owner

We had several deliveries from this company, all went perfect. Happy with this supplier.

Danas - Lithouania

Danas - Lithouania

Foodtruck owner

We work with this comany for several years now. Good service best in quality.

Linda - London

Linda - London

Foodtruck owner

I am very pleased with the stroopwafels. They are truly amazing. Never had this quality before.

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