Our products

Our company is specialised in global Stroopwafel trade.
We can provide you with
Health certificates
Certificates of origin
Freesale declarations
Halal certificates
for export.

Our own brand delicious Dutch Stroopwafels.
We sell these stroopwafels, pack of 8, 15 packs in a box
by the box or by pallet with 120 boxes. for info.

Single packed Delft Blue stroopwafels in showbox.

BIO (organic) single packed stroopwafels in showbox

Single packed Chocolate stroopwafels in showbox

Single packed white chocolate stroopwafels in showbox

Pallet with blanco stroopwafels.

Box with 15 packs of 10 stroopwafels – blanco

Stroopwafels with HEMP

Decorated stroopwafels custom made

We sell worldwide by box, by pallet and by container.

Make your own stroopwafels or start your own stroopwafelbusiness.
We can supply you with:

Only add water to have the most delicious stroopwafel dough.

Instant stroop
is a revolutionary product to make stroop yourself fast and easy.